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Amina is a writer, director, and producer. 

She believes that comedy is a tool which can be used for evil or good. She hopes she's using it for good, by telling healing stories that can inspire change. And sometimes she just wants to tell a fart joke.  

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Beach Floaty Thingys
(In production)

Writer. Director. Producer.

Sisters Grace and Hope have been looking forward to this much-needed vacation to exotic Myrtle Beach, SC all year long.  But their girls' weekend gets derailed when they are asked to bring their four rowdy nieces and nephews along.



The Price of Cheap Rent

Writer. Co-Director. Co-Producer. Actor. Background art.

In Amina Sutton and Maya Tanaka’s film “The Price of Cheap Rent,” gentrification makes a young artist realize that a haunted apartment is the only place she can afford.


Courtesy of The New Yorker's Screening Room.

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